T07 Club Championship Qualifier

Commencing 31st May, 2018
Ends 28th June, 2018
Number of Rounds Five
Format Swiss
Rate of Play 60 minutes
Increment 30 seconds
ACF Rated
Tournament Type

The 2018 Geelong Chess Club Championship Qualifying Tournament commences on Thursday, 31st May, 2017.

The event is a five-round Swiss Tournament, the first six placings qualify for the 2018 Club Championship.

Players must enter the Qualifying Tournament in order to compete in the Club Championship. Otherwise, players may enter the Reserve Championship (held at the same time as the Club Championship).

Byes and Postponements

Players may elect to take a half point bye, if unable to play in any of the first three rounds. Byes are not available in the last two rounds.

Postponed matches must be completed and reported to the Director of Play by 5pm on the Tuesday before the following Round.