T02 Summer Swiss

Commenced 21st February, 2019
Ends 21st March, 2019
Number of Rounds Five
Format Swiss
Rate of Play 60 minutes
Increment 30 seconds
ACF Rated Yes

Round 1 Results:

Smith, Jack vs Gill, Geoffrey 0-1
Daneshvar, Reza vs Brown Paul 1-0
Bashar, Omar HNM vs Barber, Geoff 1-0
Ristic, Mio vs Kotus, Anakin 1-0
Levakis, Steve vs Stokie, Bill 1/2-1/2

Round 2 Provisional Pairings

Gill, Geoffrey vs Ristic, Mio
Bashar, Omar vs Daneshvar, Reza
Stokie, Bill vs Barber, Geoff
Brown, Paul vs Levakis, Steve
Kotus, Anakin vs Smith, Jack

(Note: Geoffrey Gill has requested a half-point bye in Round 3.)