T13 Lightning Championship

Commences 29th August, 2019
Ends 29th August, 2019
Number of Rounds Seven
Format Swiss
Rate of Play 5 minutes
Increment 2 seconds
ACF Rated Yes

The Lightning Championship of 2019 was contested between 9 players, with Alistair Anderson showing his prowess and winning his 11th Lightning Championship with a score of 6/7, leaving his closest competitors in the dust, with Mio Ristic, Reza Daneshvar, and Jack Smith tying for second on 4.5/7. Congratulations to Alistair on his fine victory!

Round 1 Results:

Rod Hessing vs Geoff Barber 1-0
Alistair Anderson vs Jack Smith 1-0
Sudarsun Venkatesan vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Rodel Sicat 1-0

Round 2 Results:
Mio Ristic vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
Reza Daneshvar vs Rod Hessing 0.5 – 0.5
Geoff Barber vs Sudharsun Venkatesan 1-0
Jack Smith vs Ishan Phule 1-0
Rodel Sicat vs BYE 1-0

(Note: Ishan came in just as round 1 was starting, so was entered into round 2 as a “latecomer”, for explanation.)

Round 3 Results:
Alistair Anderson vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Rod Hessing vs Mio Ristic 0.5 – 0.5
Rodel Sicat vs Geoff Barber 0-1
Sudharsun Venkatesan vs Jack Smith 0.5 – 0.5
Ishan Phule vs BYE 1-0

Round 4 Results:
Reza Daneshvar vs Geoff Barber 0-1
Rod Hessing vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
Jack Smith vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Ishan Phule vs Rodel Sicat
Sudharsun Venkatesan vs BYE 1-0

Round 5 Results:
Geoff Barber vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
Jack Smith vs Reza Daneshvar 1-0
Rodel Sicat vs Rod Hessing 1-0
Ishan Phule vs Sudharsun Venkatesan
Mio Ristic vs BYE 1-0

Round 6 Results:
Alistair Anderson vs Rodel Sicat 1-0
Geoff Barber vs Jack Smith 1-0
Mio Ristic vs Sudharsun Venkatesan 1-0
Reza Daneshvar vs Ishan Phule 1-0
Rod Hessing vs BYE 1-0

Round 7 Results:
Ishan Phule vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Geoff Barber 1-0
Jack Smith vs Rod Hessing 1-0
Sudharsun Venkatesan vs Rodel Sicat 0-1
Reza Daneshvar vs BYE 1-0

Final standings out of seven rounds:
1. Alistair Anderson 6
2 – 4. Mio Ristic 4.5
Reza Daneshvar 4.5
Jack Smith 4.5
5 – 6. Geoff Barber 4
Rodel Sicat 4
7. Rod Hessing 3
8. Sudharsun Venkatesan 2.5
9. Ishan Phule 1