Summer Swiss Underway, 2 Upsets

The Summer Swiss has started with a modest number of 6 participants.
Mio Ristic requested a half-point bye for round 1, so there were two games played and Paul Brown had the full-point bye.

Jack Smith and Geoff Barber met on board 1. Barber erred early in the game in a Ruy Lopez, and felt compelled to sacrifice knight and bishop for 2 pawns. Though Geoff tried to rustle up some of his trademark wizardry, Jack found the correct path to consolidation, and clinched the victory.

On board 2, Zoran Babic took the white pieces against Rodel Sicat. This game was more positional, with Babic playing 6. Be2 against the Najdorf Sicilian. Rodel’s pieces found active squares and he developed an excellent position, before almost spoiling it all by making a slip of the hand. However, his position was still slightly better, and it was enough for him to grind out the win in the endgame.

Round 1 Results:
Jack Smith vs Geoff Barber 1-0
Zoran Babic vs Rodel Sicat 0-1
Paul Brown vs BYE 1-0
Mio Ristic 0.5 BYE

Round 2 Pairings
Rodel Sicat vs Paul Brown
Geoff Barber vs Mio Ristic
Zoran Babic vs BYE 1-0
Jack Smith 0.5 BYE

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