Summer Swiss Update: Going into round 4 Smith, Babic play for lead

After taking a couple of byes in rounds 2 and 3, Jack Smith comes back to face Zoran Babic in the penultimate round. Both players are on 2/3, with Mio Ristic and Geoff Barber lurking in the shadows on 1.5 each. The tight situation at the top will make the final couple of rounds an interesting struggle to watch!

Round 3 Results:
Zoran Babic vs Anthony Bauer 1-0
Mio Ristic vs Geoff Davis 1-0
Gary Nolan vs Geoff Barber 1F-0F
Jack Smith vs BYE 0.5
Paul Brown vs BYE 0.5
Daniel Pinhasov added to round 4 draw

Round 4 Pairings:
Jack Smith vs Zoran Babic
Gary Nolan vs Mio Ristic
Anthony Bauer vs Geoff Barber
Daniel Pinhasov vs Geoff Davis
Paul Brown vs BYE 0.5

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