Geelong Chess Club Championship 2020

We are excited to announce that the 2020 Geelong Chess Club Championship will be going ahead! (Not on the 8th of October, but on the 15th.)

FORMAT: 7 round swiss.
TIME CONTROL: 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment.
REQUIREMENTS TO PLAY: The tournament is open to anyone that lives within 50 kilometres of the Geelong CBD. To play you must provide at least two forms of preferred contact (mobile number/email/facebook messenger/ This is so that players can contact you to organise their games. Your contact details will not be shared without your express consent.
ENTRY: The Club Championship is FREE for club members. To be eligible to play you must have paid your membership ($30) by 13th October.
For non-members the entry is also $30, which is equal to this year’s reduced membership price.
You can pay via a bank transfer with the details below. If you cannot make the bank transfer, a cash payment can be organised by messaging the director of play (Paul Brown).

Geelong Chess club bank account:BSB – 063512Account number – 10857680RSVP as soon as possible if you would like to play – the cut off will be 11pm on Tuesday the 13th of October

.Further details:

  • Due to current covid restrictions, the championship will not be held at the chess club. Instead, at the beginning of each round, pairings will be released and the individual players will organise when and where the game will be played. This means that players can agree to play in a café or alternative venue of their choosing; we understand that most people prefer to play over the board as has been tradition. However, if a venue cannot be agreed upon, or the players cannot travel/weather does not permit, the players can agree to play online as well (If a game simply cannot be scheduled between two players, both players may have to forfeit that round – the director of plays’ discretion may be used in these instances).
  • Pairings are released each week at Thursday 1pm, and all games should be played by the following Tuesday night at 11pm. Once players have played their weekly game, they will notify the director of play (Paul Brown/Jack Smith) of the result so the next round’s pairings can be published. This should be done as soon as a result has been determined so that there are no delays. If you cannot make a round or need a bye, you should notify the director of play by the end of the current round – so before Tuesday 11pm each week. It’s expected that if you sign up for the tournament you will try to play each round, but things do happen.
  • Inquire with the director of play if you need access to chess board/clock, some can be made available or some good apps can be suggested.
  • We have chosen to run the tournament in this way to be the most inclusive to all who would like to play, and to resemble normality as much as possible. This tournament will not be ACF or FIDE rated. No cash prizes are awarded; the winner of the tournament is crowned Geelong Chess Club champion for 2020 and your name will be engraved onto the annual Championship trophy as a lasting testament of your achievement.

    Entry list (ACF Ratings used for initial seeding):
    1. Geoffrey Gill 1954
    2. Reza Daneshvar 1828
    3. Sagargiri Goswami 1672
    4. Mio Ristic 1654
    5. Geoff Barber 1630
    6. Zoran Babic 1621
    7. Jack Smith 1482
    8. Geoff Davis 1427
    9. Rodel Sicat 1340
    10. Robert Dejanovic 1241
    11. Paul Brown 979
    12. Wade Patterson 0

    Contact Us:
    Director of Play (Paul Brown): 0418 488 995
    Assistant Director of Play (Jack Smith): 0406 199 457
    or send us an email at:

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