Club Championship Pairings Round 3; Goswami takes on top seed

Here are the pairings for round 3 of the Geelong Chess Club Championship 2020:

Board 1 – Geoffrey Gill (1.5) vs Sagar Goswami (2)
Board 2 – Reza Daneshvar (1.5) vs Jack Smith (1.5)
Board 3 – Mio Ristic (1) vs Geoffrey Barber (1.5)
Board 4 – Zoran Babic (1) vs Paul Brown (1)
Board 5 – Wade Patterson (1) vs Rodel Sicat (1)
Board 6 – Robert Dejanovic (0) vs Geoff Davis (0)

This should be a fun round to watch, as we see potential leaders lock horns to keep their hand in. Good luck to everyone!

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