Victorian Country Championship: 5th, 6th December

We are happy to announce that the Victorian Country Championship will be going ahead over-the-board this year over Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of December!

There will be 6 rounds, played over two days, each game played at a time control of 60 mins + 30 seconds each move.
Saturday 5 December –
Round 1 9.30 am
Round 2 1.00 pm
Round 3 4.00 pm
Sunday 6 December –
Round 4 9.30 am
Round 5 1.00 pm
Meeting 3.45 pm
Round 6 4.00 pm
Prizegiving and COVID-Safe catch-ups will commence afterwards!

With the COVID-19 restrictions having eased in Victoria recently, Geelong Chess Club and the Victorian Rural Chess League have been working together to make this tournament happen in a safe manner. Though we have had a good run in Victoria, we must still be cautious; there will be regulations to manage the safety of all participants.
Most notably, there is an entry limit of 28 players, due to the distancing requirements. This tournament is a great opportunity for country players to pit themselves against some of the strongest competition in regional Victoria, or just to get your feet wet in a friendly tournament environment.

For further details see the Ballarat Chess Club website:

For clarification on restrictions or payment enquiries, I suggest you contact either:
Kevin Perrin, – 0418 533 517 (President of Victorian Rural Chess League)
Nigel Barrow – 0421 674 869 (Arbiter and Director of Play)

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