Sicat takes hybrid Winter Swiss on 4.5: General News

First of all, congratulations to Rodel for taking out the Winter Swiss with a dominating score of 4.5/5! He only dropped a half point to a BYE due to unavoidable work commitments in round 3.
Jack came second on 3, taking a 0 point bye in the last round due to illness, and Paul, Toby and Geoff Barber came equal second on 2.5, with the latter having missed the first 2 rounds!

Many thanks to all the attendees for their patience, as this “5 week” tournament took much longer than 5 weeks due to current circumstances, with the decision finally made to finish the last 2 rounds of the tournament online. Everyone has been great with accommodating to the flow of things and I appreciate it.

Final Standings:

Final Standings:
1. Rodel Sicat 4.5
2. Jack Smith 3
3 – 6. Paul Brown 2.5
Toby Mew 2.5
Geoff Barber 2.5
6. Geoff Davis 2
7 – 8 Mio Ristic (Withdrew in r3) 1.5
Izabelle 1.5
9. TJ 1
10. Elizabeth 0.5
11. Tryan (withdrew in r3) 0

In other club news, the Fletcher Morrow Shield vs Ballarat has been postponed pending the end of the lockdown. A far cry from the scheduled first week of August, but the captains have agreed that it is much more worthwhile to hold the match over the board than to have it online.

The next tournament at Geelong Chess Club after lockdown will be the Lightning Championship! Don’t miss out!

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