Anderson blitzes Lightning Championship for 11th time

The 2019 Lightning Championship was won by Alistair Anderson, who took away his 11th Lightning Championship title!

In a field of 9 players, Alistair left his competition in the dust, scoring 6/7. Reza Daneshvar, Mio Ristic, and Jack Smith finished behind him with 4.5/7 to share second place.

Merriment was made – along with more than a few blunders – and a fun night was had by all, with a few games of “transfer” being played afterwards. 
Congratulations to Alistair on another fine victory!

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Barber Wins Winter Swiss

Geoff Barber has emerged victorious in the Winter Swiss with a final score of 4/5, sealing his victory by drawing the first seed in the last round!

In the other game played on the night, Jack surprised Mio in the opening and wound up breaking through with a kingside passed pawn to claim second.

Rodel Sicat, though unable to play the final round, shows that he is competent at all formats, getting good results against club stalwarts Mio Ristic and Reza Daneshvar.

See final standings here:

Upcoming Tournament to be held in Altona

The Best in the West tournament will again be hosted by the Hobson’s Bay Chess Club at the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre in Altona. The tournament will be held for 5 rounds over two days (31 August – 1 September) with a time control of 60 minutes + 30 seconds increment for every round.

This tournament routinely hosts a number of strong players, and Geelong is traditionally well represented, with 4 players from our club attending last year’s event.

Please see the Chess Chat page for more details:

Winter Swiss Underway, Barber leads

The Winter Swiss is currently in round 4/5, with Geoff Barber leading on a clear 3.5/4. Only Mio and Jack can catch him up to tie for first; and coincidentally, the same two are playing in the next round! The question remains the same as it has been all tournament: can Geoff Barber be stopped?

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